Transportation Letter

Dear Head Start Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians,

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It is our desire and our goal at Family Forum to always provide Head Start Transportation Services to any and all families that truly need them. Over the years we have been very successful in providing this service. We are lucky to have a dedicated crew of bus drivers and over the years, we have experienced minimal driver turnover. As out tallented team of drivers reach retirement age or move on to other positions, we are faced with the big job of replacing these experienced drivers.

We have for a long time had difficulty in finding and hiring substitute bus drivers, but now we are experiencing the same difficulties in finding and hiring substitute bus drivers, but now we are experienceing the same dififfulties in finding and hiring new drivers for our regular routes. As a non-profit agency tasked with providing Head Start and Early Head Start opportunities to young children, we have a difficult time in competing with the School District and other transportation services that can afford to pay their drivers more. We can offer one intangible benefit though to our drivers and substitute drivers that our competitors cannot offer and that is the glowing and smiling faces of our three to five year olds as they get on the bus! Our drivers are charged with the responsibility of safely transporting the children to and from our Head Start Centers. The rewards, though not always monetary, are still quite profound.

In today’s economy, it appears as if all transportation services are experiencing difficulties in finding and hiring bus drivers. We are graciously asking for your help in addressing this shortfall for Family Forum and our Head Start Transportation Services. Please get the word out, we need drivers. If you, your relatives, neighbors or friends would be interested in driving a us for us, please let us know. We will assist qualified applicants in getting their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with the passenger endorsement.

Family Forum wants to be able to continue to provide the high level of transportation services we always have well in the future, but we need your help! Thank you.

David G. Cochrane
Executive Director